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Can Landscaping be done in the Winter?


Can landscaping be done in the winter? In a nutshell, YES, landscaping can be done in the winter. In fact there are actually many advantages to having it done during the winter months.

Can landscaping be done in winter?

Why should landscaping be done in the winter? Established quality landscaping and driveway companies like ourselves here at Ideal Building and landscapes are booked solidly throughout the spring and summer months and there is often a waiting list to get into our diary. If you have ever visited a garden centre in the winter you’ll see that a lot of items are priced lower in the winter off season. During the winter months you’ll find that landscapers have more availability and coupled with supplier reductions this can mean that you can more easily afford your new dream patio or driveway.

Here at Ideal Building and landscapes we work throughout the whole year and when you book us in the winter as we are less busy and want to keep our teams working you can expect a discount of at least 20% on your new driveway or patio. The upside is that it will also be ready for the spring time so you can really make the most of every day of nice weather.

Advantages to Winter Landscaping

  • With the colder weather you are probably not using your garden much, if at all and so you won’t mind it being in disarray for a short time
  • Plants are mainly dormant and so you won’t be disturbing their growth cycles
  • Neighbours are more likely to be indoors and so less likely to be disturbed
  • Wildlife is less likely to be disturbed by the groundworks
  • Concrete and mortar is best when allowed the opportunity to set slowly in mild weather – this can be difficult to manage in hot summer sun
  • Fewer challenges in keeping newly laid turf well-watered
  • Any drainage problems can be fixed straight away as they are immediately visible
  • Winter landscaping means less dust and therefore a cleaner home
  • Shorter waiting times and savings

Are you considering having landscaping done in the winter? The cooler autumn and winter weather helps the soil temperature to reach an ideal level for planting, as long as the ground is not frozen. Frozen ground although only typical a few days a year is difficult but then our 30 years experience have enabled us to tackle the frost and win. We use tarpaulins among other things to make sure we stay on the job. Laying a driveway in the winter months is also fine. Driveways only fail if poor ground work has been done. Here at Ideal Building and Landscapes we make sure that the ground is prepared properly before laying your new driveway. As long as the ground has been excavated and prepared properly then driveways can be laid all year round.

Is laying new turf affected by the cold weather?

Laying new turf in the winter months – Winter is actually a great time to lay new turf. The turf will have much more time to settle and put down strong roots and you will not be walking on the lawn before the turf has settled. Laying turf in the winter means it will be much easier to manage as you won’t have any very hot days to worry about.

Talk to us here at Ideal Building and Landscapes about your winter landscaping project today. You can call us on 01564 490121 or contact us here.

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