Porcelain Patio in Wythall


This week we are reviewing this Porcelain patio in Wythall that we have just completed for Jason and Jenny. Firstly, check out the before photos below. Jason and Jenny have lived in the home for the last 15 years and the existing wooden decking patio area was already there when they moved in. As you can see it was looking tired and was very spongy as the timber was rotting. Their garden is fantastic with loads of space and iddilic countryside views but the old concrete slabs were bringing it down and making it look dated.

Old wooden decking and tired concrete slabs

Jason and Jenny opted for Porcelain Tiles. Porcelain gives a polished contemporary look and there are so many colours and styles available from white to black to even wood effect. Check out the progress pictures below.

We asked Jason what he and Jenny thought of Ideal Building and Landscapes now that the project is complete.

We chose Ideal Buildings and Landscapes as it is a well known local family business. They are family friends and Sam the owner’s sister went to school with our daughter. We know that you have done lots of work in the area and we spent time looking at your testimonials and finished projects on your website and social media. Sam came out to quote and I felt the price was fair and so gave the go ahead. Our existing wooden patio was years old having been put in at least 16 years ago. The wood had began to rot and underfoot the patio felt spongey. The installers were fantastic and Jason the foreman was particularly informative giving us some ideas that we took forward on the project. The installers were so polite, we had made cakes for the neighbours to thank them for the inconvenience with noise and extra vehicles. Our neighbours remarked that the installers were really respectful, offering to move the vehicles when needed. Myself and Jenny have been really impressed and are very happy with the finished project. We are looking forward to the warmer weather so that we can sit out and enjoy it. Thank you the team at Ideal Building and landscapes.

Jason – Porcelain Patio in Wythall

Porcelain Patio or Wooden Decking?

When planning the layout and overall look of your garden landscaping and patio project, one of the first questions will be what choice of material should I use for the seating areas?

Wooden decking has been for years the popular choice but lately more homeowners are starting to see that although it is cheaper to use wooden decking initially, in the long run porcelain patio tiles are longer lasting.

So why are tiles the better option?

Over time tiles will come in cheaper as even though decking initially is the budget option even pressure treated wood can fall to the elements and even after only 5 – 7 years , you could have areas of rot or fading which will spoil the look. Wooden decking is also prone to scratching but professionally installed tiles can last a good 20 years or more and tiles need far less maintenance.

Our UK weather is renowned for being wet, wet, wet and moss can grow on outdoor surfaces. With wooden decking moss can cause it to be very slippery. Porcelain tiles are anti-slip and will be much easier to walk on. Patio tiles also win the vote over wooden decking as after a summer wooden decking can go dull and grey whereas tiles look good for many years. A simple regular mop and an annual clean you can be sure that they will look stunning for many years to come.

Whether you are looking to lay a new patio or spruce up an existing area we can help. Get in touch here or call us on 01564 490121 to arrange a free design quote.

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