Block paving driveway

New Block Paving Driveway in Nuneaton, Warwickshire


Do you live in the Nuneaton area of Warwickshire and considering a new block paving driveway for your home? Then check out our latest testimonial and see the photos of this stunning double block paving driveway in Nuneaton.

Block Paving Driveway in Nuneaton, Warwickshire

Here at Ideal Buildings and landscapes we have just completed this block paving driveway for neighbours Gill and Duncan in the Hartshill area of Nuneaton. Both Gill and Duncan had gone through a nightmare experience with a driveway company that they believed to be rogue traders. These shoddy contractors kept changing the price and at one point asked one of the neighbours for £30,000 and were pressuring them for immediate payment even use the excuse that they needed money for their grandfathers head stone. Unbelievable.

A reputable contractor will always a price in advance and put that price in writing along with a schedule of works. Duncan and Gill contacted Warwickshire trading Standards who thankfully got the police involved who were able to help Gill get her money back. Trading Standards referred Gill and Duncan to No Rogue Traders a scheme that is Trading Standards approved and helps people find vetted tradespeople. Being proud members of No Rogue Traders for many years we were asked to visit the two neighbours to carry out an inspection of the work that had been done.

Both Duncan and Gill then telephoned and asked if we would take on the task of correcting the base work that had been started and finishing their shared driveway. We gladly took on this task and I’m sure you’ll agree that the results look fabulous.

We asked Gill for her thoughts now that the work has been completed.

I am so thank full to No Rogue Traders for bringing me Sam and his team at Ideal Building and Landscapes. After the nightmare that my neighbour and I have endured we have been able thanks to Ideal Building and Maintenance a happy ending. They work tirelessly every for two weeks to give me and my neighbour Duncan the driveway we had hoped for. Thank you Sam

Gill – Nuneaton

We asked Gill if she could tell us a little bit about her experience with a Rogue Trader.

What’s worse is I contacted them. They seemed reputable listing their services on Yell and having their own website. From day one though I knew it was going to be bad. They took the top of my manhole cover off and lots of rubble went down the drains. My neighbour and I g=had to contact Dyno-Rod to come and fix it. They made such a mess and damaged my damp course. They then started putting pressure on us both for money telling my neighbour that they were having cashflow problems and taking advantage of me saying that they needed money for a headstone. Luckily my neighbour did not give them any money but I paid them a cheque. Concerned about what was happening we contacted Trading Standards who arrived with the police and got them to leave. They were really helpful and managed to get my money refunded by the bank. Trading Standards put me in touch with No Rogue Traders who asked Sam at Ideal Building and Landscapes to come and inspect the work. I felt assured knowing that they were Trading Standards approved and really liked Sam. My neighbour and I asked Sam to take over the job to which he thankfully agreed. We have been over the moon. I have no hesitation in recommending both Ideal Buildings and landscapes and No Rogue Traders.

Gill – Nuneaton

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