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New Fencing in Shirley, Solihull


Did you know that we also provide fencing services? Check out our latest new fencing in Shirley, Solihull that we have just completed for David Everitt.

Fencing in Shirley
New Fencing and hedge removal

As you can see the border area was overgrown with a low brick wall that was rocking and at risk of falling over. Firstly we removed the existing hedges and shrubs. We then removed the brick wall and to ensure that the hedges would not grow back we then had to remove all of the roots. We then installed heavy duty fencing consisting of concrete posts, concrete gravel boards and feather edge panels. To finish we then concreted the gaps between the existing slabs and new fence. I’m sure you’ll agree that is looks much smarter.

New fencing in Shirley, Solihull
New Fencing can add to the security and privacy

Here at Ideal Building and Landscapes we only use the best premium quality fencing. Feather edge fence panels are typically made from robust and high quality natural timber, which accounts for their strength.

Overlap fencing often means that one side of the fence is unsightly whereas feather edge fencing panels look attractive on each side. Our feather edge panels come in stunning natural colours such as dark wood or pine but if you prefer you can later choose to paint them.

We asked David Everitt for feedback about us here at Ideal Building and Landscapes and his new fencing in Shirley, Solihull.

My next door neighbour used Ideal Building and Landscapes about 3 years ago and I was impressed with the efficiency and the quality of the work. My neighbour has recently moved house but to only around the corner. I was looking out my window and saw someone outside my neighbour’s house. I went and asked who he was and it was Wayne from Ideal Building and Landscapes, the neighbours wanted a quote on their new house but Wayne had gone to the old house by mistake. It must have been fate as I had been considering getting the perimeter of my property renovated for sometime and so I asked him for a quote. I had already had prices but I was happy with Ideal especially as I had already seen them at work next door. The workmen were superb and the whole job took around 4 days to complete. Taking the wall down has added an extra 6 inches to my driveway which has helped immensely as I have a large motorhome to park. I have left you a good google review and am happy to recommend you.

David Everitt – Shirley, Solihull

Are you considering a new fencing installation? If you have any questions about a fencing installation or any of our other landscaping services in Solihull, Birmingham, Redditch, Evesham or surrounding areas then get in touch here or call us on 01564 490121.

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