Tarmac driveway Billesley HallGreen

Tarmac Driveway in Billesley, Yardley Wood or Hall Green


Are you considering a Tarmac Driveway in Billesley, Yardley Wood or Hall Green? When deciding upon a Driveway contractor. What better peace of mind can you have than knowing that within a couple of miles from you there are other happy customers willing to give testimonials praising our quality and service. Take a look through our latest news section and see how we are building review after review from happy customers endorsing their completed installations, our skills and our customer service. You can’t get any better than that right?

Tarmac driveway in Billesley, Yardley wood, Hall Green

Actually it does get even better, we are also a proud Which? Trusted Trader and a member of the No Rogue Traders Here Scheme which is back by Trading Standards. The vetting process is tough and ongoing. Winning membership is probably the best review you can get.

This week we have been in Billesley working on turning an old fashioned concrete slab driveway with a raised area into a sleek modern driveway with space for multiple cars. We finished the bottom of the driveway with a block paving edge in red to match the brickwork and to give it that all important kerb appeal.

We asked our customer Ishy for her feedback:

I saw your ad board outside a driveway that you had completed locally. I can’t remember where I saw it but I remembered the driveway as it looked really nice and so when I googled driveways and your name came up I associated the two and made an enquiry. Sam came out within a coupe of days and gave me a quotation in writing. I had garnered other quotes but Sam stood out as he spent time explaining what made Ideal Building Landscapes different from other driveway companies and I was impressed. I have a problem with rot on my porch and asked Sam if he could fix it but that was not part of your services. Another company that quoted said that they could fix the porch at the same time and so I initially gave them the job but then they contacted me to say that they could start the drive asap but the porch would have to wait until next year. This made me very suspicious as it did not sound right and I felt that they could be being deceptive in order to win the driveway job and then never come back. I decided I would choose Ideal Building and Landscapes. I am so glad that I did as it looks fantastic.

Ishy Baig – Billesley
Tarmac driveway

The reason I wanted to replace my driveway and change the layout was mainly due to the weeds. The original driveway had a raised area which was impractical but also a sun trap and with all the mixed weather constant rain and then sun and then rain as soon as I weeded within a week they were back! Enough was enough and I knew I had to get it done. I have young children and parking on the road and getting the children from the house to the car could be a nightmare. There is a church on the road and at times I could not get near my house due to people parking. Now I have finalised getting the kerb dropped with the council and so nobody will be parking outside my house and I can just pull up onto my new driveway. The installers were fantastic and Sam kept me informed all the way through. Good job.

Ishy Baig – Billesley

We have laid many many tarmac driveways across Billesley, Yardley Wood, Hall Green and the West Midlands and with a little imagination you can make your driveway shine. You can now choose your tarmac in a range of colours such as red, green, blue or traditional black. With our free design service, we can help you design your new driveway with design features like edge stones to create a beautiful frame to your drive. We can also create inlayed patterns with blocks to make your drive really stand out from the crowd. 

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