Tarmac Driveway with Block Border in Solihull


Check out this stunning Tarmac Driveway with Block Border that we have just finished for Kelvin Cooper in Solihull.

Tarmac Driveway with Block border

Tarmac driveways are a top choice for homeowners in and around Solihull as they require minimal maintenance and are effectively designed to look after themselves. Tarmac is also extremely weather resistant and can comfortably withstand different climate conditions such as snow and ice.

I contacted Ideal Building and Landscapes as about a month ago you completed a driveway around the corner. I thought it looked good and I was impressed with the installers.

I did spend sometime doing research on different companies and in all had around six quotes. Sam at Ideal Building and Landscapes price wise was middle ion the road but I got a good vibe from him and trusted him. Researching the company I could see that with having Which? Trusted Trader status and being in the No Rogue Trader Scheme that the company was bonafide.

Kelvin Cooper – Solihull

I had a good idea of the design for the driveway as we wanted room to park a small second car at the top of the driveway in front of the window. The original driveway had a large gravel and wildflower area at the one side that mean’t that the gap to get to the top of the driveway was too narrow without having to drive over the gravel. I asked Sam to make that gravel area both shorter in width and length and so now I can comfortably get the second car in. We also went for a contrasting block border which really makes the driveway stand out. The gravel area has been dug out and now a smart soil area with a raised kerb edging is in its place. I dug up some of the wild flowers and intend to re plant them in the nicer weather with a larger feature plant either in the middle of the bed or at the top. This will also give us some privacy so that people walking past cannot directly see all the way through to the lounge. Sam placed his advertising board at the front top of the driveway and I have seen a lot of people looking and stopping, so hopefully you have had some enquiries. I would recommend Ideal Building and Landscapes.

kelvin Cooper – Solihull

We design and build Tarmac Driveways, Block paving Driveways, Resin Driveways and much more. We are your local Tarmac Driveway specialist covering Solihull, Wythall, Birmingham, Redditch and the West Midlands. Ideal Building and Landscapes offer a free design service if you want to transform your driveway but don’t know where to start.

For the best quality Tarmac Driveway with block border get in touch with us here or call us on 01564 490121. Ideal Building and Landscapes are your local Tarmac Driveway specialists.

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