Block Paving Refurbishment. Lift and Relay Block Paving


There is nothing worse and less appealing than a driveway or patio with sunken paving. Why has my block paving sunk? Are you in need of block paving refurbishment? One of the main reasons for sunken block paving is that it was not done right in the first place. With a block paving driveway the ground preparation is key. It could be that the company didn’t dig enough of the ground right and did not dig down to good solid ground. The reason why the block paving sank is probably that there was not enough soft earth dug out and enough hardcore type one metal put in.

Sunken Block Paving
A sunken driveway

The good news is you can do something about bringing your driveway back uptown standard. You could decide to completely replace the driveway but there is another option which is to relay the existing blocks. This will save pounds.

repaired and relaid Block paving
Repaired and relaid blocks for Dave in Tanworth in Arden

We have just completed this job for Dave Nicholls in Tanworth in Arden. Dave is the owner of Davis Timber in Wythall and we have been regular customers of theirs for many years. We asked Dave for some professional feedback.

I contacted Sam of Ideal Building and landscapes as they are one of my regular customers and we have helped them with different projects such as building a porch over the years. They are not my only Landscaping customer but I looked at your website and was impressed with how many testimonials from happy customers that you have locally. I could not find one bad word said about you online. The fact that you are Which? Trusted Traders and members of the No Rogue Traders Here Scheme says it all.

I needed the blocks relaid as we have had lots of work done on the house over the years and all the heavy trucks going up and out the drive took it’s toll on the driveway. Sam did a great a great job and I am very happy with the completed job so much so that both my son and my nephew have had quotes and hopefully will soon be going ahead.

Dave Nicholls

Are you looking for Block Paving refurbishment? Are you suffering from a sunken driveway? Here at Ideal Building and landscapes we can repair and relay your block paving and soon have your driveway looking like new. Get in touch here or call us on 01564 490121

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